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 1 hour session tailored to meet your needs. It can be anything from a Q&A session, helping you determine what weeds are and how to get rid of them, where plants should be moved to improve look and flow, or just a general brainstorming session. $100


 Starts with a consult about your needs and wants, ends with a custom designed garden plan! Designs will have a sketch layout and a corresponding sheet with plant list and care instructions. Price based on project size.

Plant Placement: 

 Want me to pick up the plants and tell you where to put them? I'd love to. Being bossy is my second favorite thing. Price based on project size.

Garden Install:

 You don't have to lift a finger. I'll handle it all from start to finish. Price based on project size.  



I'm on mother nature's timeline.

thistle floral design

Minneapolis, MN

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