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Minneapolis Styled Shoot

FRIENDS! I have a very cute story.

Just over a month ago I got a call from my fav photographer and dear friend, Adam - of Adam Kennedy Photography. It went like this:

Adam: "do you have any interest in doing flowers"

Me: "Yes."

Adam: "... for a styled shoot."

Me: "Yes. I'm in."

Apparently, I will blindly follow this photographer into any business (and pizza) related adventure. He told me it was for a brand new venue that wanted to showcase what a small wedding could look like in it's space.

So, I met with Chris, the owner of the APT. SUCH A CUTE SPACE! It's perfect for small events (thanks, Covid). Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, holiday parties, etc.

We talked about the vibe of the shoot, his vision for the space, his hopes and dreams for the future and now we're basically best friends. Just kidding, unless he wants to be best friends. I'm available.

Here's the vibe: Fall colors, warm and cozy feeling. The "wedding" would be for 2 Grooms. They would each have 2 attendants. Some sort of visual centerpiece for the ceremony, a few cocktail tables, and 3 centerpieces for the dinner. I could not wait to set it up! I was so excited to be around people (again - thanks, Covid).

Fast forward to set up. Now, I knew that our models were a real life couple and the guests (for the most part) all knew each other. But what I did not know MADE ME SO HAPPY AND STILL MAKES ME BURST WITH JOY.

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Here's the cute couple ----->

And here's the cute story:

I brought the boutonnieres over to the grooms and while Adam was taking photos, we were just making small talk, asking them about their real wedding.

They told us that they got married in the spring.. the courthouse.

By themselves.


and no photo evidence of their commitment to each other.

Never have I been happier to be a part of a styled shoot before. I'm SO glad I was able to help this couple document their love and, more importantly, help them be surrounded by beautiful flowers. I know the point of the shoot was to make the space look awesome and help out a new venue, and we did, but this was such a huge bonus.

Check out the photos! AND check out theAPT. Seriously, so unique and so cute.

One last thing..




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